The Beatles 1974 Liverpool Map

The first printed pictorial Beatles Map of Liverpool

It shows the locations where The Beatles grew up in Liverpool and where they started their legendary musical career.

A pictorial map was published in 1974 to commemorate the buildings and places in Liverpool, where the Beatles started their career.

The map was published in a set of memorabilia, such as photos and information, with a slipcase in a shape of a record cover, titled The Beatles collection: from Liverpool to the world. The set was issued by the City of Liverpool Public Relations Office on the initiative of an enthusiastic member of the staff. The project was first refused because the director of the department looked upon the Beatles, who were then arguably at their nadir, with disfavour. He unwisely did not realise, that the Beatles were by far Liverpool’s best ambassadors.

After the map was finally published as a part of a memorabilia set, it became one of the main sources in development of Liverpool’s tourism.

[Ref: Antiquariat Daša Pahor]