How Liverpool would look in 2000AD

Liverpool Daily Post article from 1945 on how Liverpool would look in 2000

Liverpool didn’t quite look like that in 2000, if I recall 

LIVERPOOL CIVIC CENTRE 2000 A.D. St, Georges Hall Focus Of Majestic New City Heart

Liverpool Daily Post here presents one of the remarkable conceptions embodied in the City’s Post-war Plan.

“The photograph is of a scale model of the proposed new Civic Centre which has St. George’s Hall as its focus. This is an example of the imaginative schemes at present under consideration by the Liverpool Post-war Redevelopment Committee. It is confidently expected that the full publication of their great plan will be made in the New Year. The people of Liverpool will no doubt be asked to express their opinion of the plan. The key plan below will enable readers to appreciate the dignity and attractiveness of this plan for the Civic Centre. The pictures on either side illustrate the history of the site over the last half-century. That on the left shows it as it was before the building of the Mersey Tunnel; on the right, after the opening of the Tunnel. In addition to being viewed by members of the Council, the model was also recently inspected by Mr. Silkin, Minister of Town and Country Planning. The actual plan of the Redevelopment Committee now awaited with the keenest anticipation.”